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As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first right step. My journey as a Travel Agent started way back in 2002 with such a single step full of ambition. Consistent and continuous improvement over the years has earned us the well deserved reputation as one of Abu Dhabi’s leading IATA Travel Agents and is now fully equipped and renowned to serve our customers in all their travel needs.


I am incredibly happy and proud of my team who stood with me and continues to support in the growth of Liberty Travel Bureau. We would not have become what we are today without the support, time and talent of many key people along the journey.


I am deeply grateful to my son Dr. Joseph Alexander and family for supporting and trusting me in this journey. And I owe a loving tribute to my late husband, Mr. Alexander P Joseph, who supported me and stood behind as a driving force in setting up a business of my own.


Cheers to many more achievements ahead and thanks to our valued customers & everyone along the run who helped us get here!.


We, The Liberty Travel Family are committed to serve you and will continue to strive hard in exceeding customer expectations and satisfaction.

Thank you

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