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The Story

An idea was born 16 years ago, when one fine day, Mrs. Shiny Alexander decided to bring her dream project to life and took her first step into a journey of a 1000 miles.

Armed with nothing but an idea and with no prior experience in the travel agency business, and against all odds, she charged straight ahead, all on her own and created a brand new travel agency called Liberty Travel Bureau. 

Amongst all uncertainty, she began the laborious task of setting up the business, getting the required documents, permissions to get the license and then identifying the location of the business. 

All the while, she then began to teach herself the workings of the travel industry, learning country codes, travel booking software, marketing and everything else that was needed to operate the business. 

Once she learned, she decided to hire newcomers just like her and surrounded herself with determined individuals with a zeal to learn and overcome any obstacles to success. 

16 years later, Liberty Travel Bureau has become a beacon of success, showcasing what an individual is capable off, once they put their heart and soul into it an idea. Liberty Travel Bureau is now 6 offices strong, located in strategic areas in Abu Dhabi, boasting an ever-growing headcount of staff of various nationalities. 

Liberty Travel Bureau offers services a wide variety of services such as;

  • Flight Bookings ( Domestic & International) 

  • Holiday Packages 

  • Hotel Reservations

  • Travel Insurance

  • Visa applications

  • Rent-A-car

They will tune your travel for you just the way you want it!

We are one of the leading and reputed professional IATA accredited Travel Agents with 6 branches in various parts of Abu Dhabi (Electra, Mussaffah, Mafraq and Al Raha).

We deal with all major Airlines, Hotels, Tour Operators, Car rentals, Visa agents and Travel Insurance Providers around the world.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer the best personalized and trouble free services to our customers in all their travel related requirements.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to consistently maintain and exceed customer satisfaction and expectations and to provide the Best Value for Money Services to our customers


Our Motto

Your Comfort is our Pleasure and Your Satisfaction is our Motivation!!

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